tina frugoli


I make brightly colored flat paintings in which the viewer's focus may flow in and out of abstraction. In one moment a landscape might be seen and objects recognized, while in the next we might notice shapes and areas of color.

I am curious about what we see, and how our minds create order. I believe that what we value determines what we see; so we have our own hierarchy of imagery that guides our perception. I feel like there is just one big landscape. In my paintings people are part of that landscape. All shapes and shadows are connected influential elements of one environment.

The paintings are snapshots of common moments: driving on the freeway, eating dinner, standing in a garage. I translate these pictures into loose line drawings, strengthening shapes that would often fade into the background. Bright, flat areas of color help to equalize image hierarchy. I use saturated color to pop shapes forward. Bringing everything to the foreground affects where our attention goes. I am playing with subverting the order that is created by our minds. I hope my paintings will offer a trippy view of a common moment.





2015 Small Time, Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA
  The Peace Project, The Whole 9 Los Angeles, CA
2014 Take Nine, Chungking Studio Los Angeles, CA
2013 Out There, Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA
2012 Gallery 825 Open Show Los Angeles, CA
Bohemia Ojai, CA
  The Peace Project Deep Ellum Art Walk, Dallas, TX
    Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY
    Affaire in the Garden, Beverly Hills, CA
    Gallery Expo, in conjunction with Long Beach' First Fridays, Long Beach, CA
    Art 4 All People, Malibu, CA
    Swarm Gallery, 560 Second Street, Oakland, CA
2009 Spring Arts Tower Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2008 Los Angeles Library Reseda, CA


Moorpark College Art Gallery Moorpark College, CA


Spring Arts Tower  Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  Virtual World Café  Agoura, CA
2003 Pluck    California State University Channel Islands
2002 Cannibal Flower Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  Stick Up Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  Calypso Ojai, CA
  Ned’s North Hollywood, CA


Moorpark College Art Gallery Moorpark College, CA
1999 Ojai Art Walk  Ojai, CA
  The Smell North Hollywood, CA
  Outdoor Exhibition California State University Northridge
1997 Master Student Exhibition        California State University Northridge
1995 Gallery of  Contemporary Arts Hotchkiss, CO
  America Past and Presents Basalt, CO
1994 Pork Rinds California State University Los Angeles
  Free Food    California State University Los Angeles



  MA, Art California State University, Northridge
  Single Subject Teaching Credential, Art California State University, Northridge
  BA, Studio Art California State University, Los Angeles